WRQoL for researchers - data submission checklist

Please follow the following format and checklist when you send your data for analysis

For us to be able to add your data to our database, please email us the following:

  1. A description of the data sample in general terms - e.g. 'Chinese General Nurses'; enough so we know what benchmark sample we should file it under. We would really like to have as much detail as possible whilst still keeping the individual data values anonymous, e.g. 'Chinese Emergency Service nurses in Beijing Central Hospital, QoWL v3 Mandarin translation'.
  2. Age, gender and occupation if available.
  3. The translation you have made / used (if any).
  4. Your data submitted as an Excel .xls file.

Please see this example spreadsheet 'WRQoL EG DATA.xls' with some dummy data for 10 cases as an example of the format for the data.

The basic WRQoL scale you can download from these pages has 24 items, 23 items contributing to 6 factors and a 24th, final 'overall wrqol' item used to validate the factors. A second version of the scale, WRQoL 2, is currently being developed and has 34 items but we have not yet published any results.

The data you send us must have at least 12 cases. We are not able to analyse samples of less than 12 cases because of our anonymity and privacy policy.

All question responses must be coded so that 1 = Strongly Disagree and 5 = Strongly Agree. Please do NOT reverse the negatively phrased questions (we do that within our analysis procedure).

Our analysis method does not cope well with missing data. You should either remove cases with missing data or do the mean substitution or imputation yourself before you submit the data. Cases with many missing data points are likely to lead to incorrect conclusions.

If you have multiple groups or samples you have tested, then you should send us the data as one large data set. We will then provide you with the factor scores which you can then use to determine any differences between your groups.

Please note

Our friendly staff will answer a reasonable number of queries you have about the scale and the analysis.

If you need us to analyse your data our help you with your research or survey then please contact us for a price.

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