What does the WRQoL scale measure?

What aspects of work and well-being is WRQoL related to?


WRQoL Factor What this measures
Career & Job Satisfaction General satisfaction with the job and with career development
Working Conditions The physical working environment and conditions; having the right tools and equipment to get the job done
General Well-being Psychological and physical well-being; happiness; wellness
Home-Work Interface How much the organisation understands and tries to help you with pressures outside of work; organisational flexibility.
Stress at Work Levels of work-related stress; the extent to which work pressures and demands as acceptable and not excessive or ‘stressful’.
Control at Work Involvement in decision making

Notes: Factor scores are derived from answers to a number of related questions asked in the QoWL Survey. The WRQoL factors come from QoWL’s Work-Related Quality of Life Scale.