What does the WWO scale measure?

What aspects of work and well-being is the QoWL Workplace Wellbeing (WWO) scale related to?

Outcome/factor What this measures
Employee engagement factor Whether people feel ‘engaged’ and would go the extra mile (linked to a number of the specific outcomes below)
Perception of fair pay Whether people feel their pay is fair, given their experience
Relationships with others Satisfaction with working relationships
Quality of supervision Satisfaction with how people are managed
Interesting, varied work Whether work provides interest variety, stimulation and challenge
Intention to stay Staff retention; whether people intend to stay
Job security How secure people feel in their current job
Overall QoWL Overall quality of working life, whether the culture is healthy
Work-life balance Satisfaction with work-life balance in the organisation
Motivation Whether people feel motivated at work; linked to engagement
Enjoyment of work The level of enjoyment; how much people enjoy their work
Family support for work Work-life balance, inadequate support from organisation
Communication at work Satisfaction with communication in the organisation
Pride in the organisation Whether people are proud to be working for the organisation; linked to engagement
Personal productivity Whether people feel they are productive and performing well relative to others
Anxiety How worried or anxious people are; general anxiety
Would recommend the organisation Whether people would recommend their organisation to others; linked to engagement
Sense of achievement Whether people get a sense of achievement at work; linked to engagement
Traveling to work Whether traveling to work is a problem for people
Sleep Whether people feel they are sleeping well
Overall job satisfaction Lack of enjoyment, dissatisfaction, unhappiness at work